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This event takes place on a traditional sailing vessel: the three mast gaff schooner Pippilotta. The main purpose of the Pippilotta, when the ship is not roleplaying as the Demeter, is to train traditional sailing. 

This means that you do not need any experience to take part in this adventure. Even better: you can learn traditional sailing while on board!

All the World

On a sailing ship, you have all the world to explore, yet space aboard is very limited. This makes the experience very special indeed. Consider this a larp in an area the size of a tennis court. Cabins are quite small, corridors and bulkheads narrow, staircases steep. Also, most of us are not accustomed to the weather, which will probably be cold, and the work on a sailing ship. Some people will get seasick, and no-one can be sure who that will be. All of these things will pose some physical strain on everyone.

But it is all worth it when you are sitting on the bench outside with a hot cocoa or tea and feel the wind and the waves crashing against the stern. The beautiful white sails shine in the sun and the wind carries you across the water. It is a unique experience by itself and we will combine it with another unique experience: larp. 

Sailing together

Sailing is part of the game and all players are expected to participate. As a player, you are not just a passenger, but part of the crew manning the Pippilotta – even if your role as a character is „just“ a passenger. As mentioned before, no prior experience is required, but participation is! There are competent boatswains helping you learn the basics of traditional sailing in no time at all. Consider adapting your character’s motivation to fit this situation.


Of course, sailing should be fun, but sometimes it can get physically strenuous – e.g. when lifting the anchor manually. Teamwork is essential and there are very few times aboard when you are truly alone. When everybody joins in, most of the work can be done without any stress and it’s a lot of fun! It shouldn’t always be the same people mucking in. So, don’t abandon your crew, but help each other out!